It's time to bring cooking real, simple, healthful food back to your kitchen, and bring your family back to the dinner table. 


No time, no energy, no skills... there are so many excuses for not eating at home. But there are too many reasons not to. With childhood obesity, diabetes and heart disease on the rise every day, your kitchen can be a place that allows you to take charge of your family's health, creating delicious memories and meaningful time together along the way. 


Food and cooking need to be a priority. This is tough with busy schedules, allergies, health issues and dietary preferences. But the best part about cooking whole food is that it is simple, unfussy, and it tastes amazing. It will take a bit of work and some juggling of priorities, but you can make cooking at home happen. 

I can show you the how and get your whole family back in the kitchen cooking, eating, and thriving- together- even with picky eaters, allergies and busy schedules. Contact me to arrange a private, in home cooking class for you and your family, or a cooking demo for you and a group of friends. Our focus will always be on simple, whole food recipes that are healing and delicious, on making cooking and eating at home a priority through no-fail organizational skills, and on helping get the kids, the spouses and even you excited to cook in your home kitchen  and eat around your own dinner table!